Use Kel-Ann Organic Garden Soil as a foundation for your new garden bed,
alone or in combination with other soil from your garden. Kel-Ann Garden Soil
us packed with natural nutrients, so there’s no need to add fertilizers.

Use Kel-Ann Triple Mix Soil if you are amending an existing garden. Triple Mix will add the nutrients needed to improve the quality of your garden. Add 2-3 inches of soil to the garden and mix with the existing soil.


Use Kel-Ann Organic Lawn Soil when building your new lawn.
For a great lawn, create a six inch soil base and keep the area
well watered until the lawn is established.

Use Kel-Ann Turf Dressing to revitalize your established lawn.
Apply a thin coat of soil over your existing turf, apply lawn seed
evenly and watch the grass grow!

Calculate how much you need

To calculate how much product you will require for a particular job, enter the width and length of the area to be covered IN FEET in the calculator below. Enter the depth IN INCHES of the amount of product to be covering the area. Press CALCULATE to determine the volume required.

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