How To

Soil Usage


Use Kel-Ann Organic Garden Soil as a foundation for your new garden bed, alone or in combination with other soil from your garden. Kel-Ann Garden Soil is packed with natural nutrients, so there’s no need to add fertilizers.

Use Kel-Ann Triple Mix Soil if you are amending an existing garden. Triple Mix will add the nutrients needed to improve the quality of your garden. Add 2-3 inches of soil to the garden and mix with the existing soil.


Use Kel-Ann Organic Lawn Soil when sodding your new lawn.

For a great lawn, create a six-inch soil base and keep the area well-watered until the lawn is established.

Use Kel-Ann Turf Dressing to revitalize your established lawn.

Apply a thin coat of soil over your existing turf, apply lawn seed evenly, and watch the grass grow!