Our Products

Kel-Ann soils are custom blended with the finest organic ingredients. Organic soils are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and contain no chemical additives. Kel-Ann has developed and tested all soils to create the best possible growing medium for your gardens and lawns.

Our unique blending process ensures that our products will enhance natural growth and keep your lawns and gardens beautiful and at their productive best.

  • Organic Garden Soil:

    A 40% organic and pH balanced multi-pupose soil, ideal for all your domestic gardening needs.

  • Lawn Soil:

    A 20% custom-blended organic soil perfect for new lawn installation. Lawn Soil is an excellent choice for sodding jobs.

  • Coloured Mulch:

    Coloured Mulch is a finely processed Atlantic Canadian Mulch. Ecologically friendly pigments are added to provide a long-lasting vibrant colour. Mulch provides superior erosion control.

  • Double Grind Bark Mulch:

    Double Grind Bark Mulch is a finely processed mulch that is particularly easy to handle. A totally natural product processed from a mix of pine, spruce and hemlock bark, Double Grind Bark Mulch will enhance the beauty of your landscape project. Double Grind Bark Mulch provides vital moisture retention for gardens, discourages weed growth, aerates the soil, and is environmentally friendly.

  • TripleMix Soil:

    An 80% organic soil specifically formulated to help revitalize established gardens. TripleMix Soil adds organic nutrients to your garden and will improve the structure of your existing soil.

  • Turf Dressing:

    A 100% organic soil top dressing blend with a combination of aged compost and sphagnum peat moss. Turf Dressing is a near stone-free mix that is a perfect amendment for existing lawns.

  • Aggregates and Stone:

    Kel-Ann aggregates and stone are sourced from local quarries. All stone and gravel meet industry specifications for use in landscape construction jobs. Our aggregates include Pea Stone, Beach Stone, Play Sand, Gravel, and Crusher Dust.

  • Firewood:

    Our Nova Scotia firewood is processed locally using the highest quality hardwoods. Firewood is seasoned to ensure optimum heat generation. Firewood is availlable for pickup or delivery. Firewood is sold by the cord which always equals 128 cubic feet. For eligible homeowners, the 10% Nova Scotia Energy Rebate will be applied.